#MentoringMonth 2023



Happy New Year and Happy Mentoring Month!

We thank you again for your support and engagement this past year and look forward to another year full of community, well-being, and mentoring.

As we welcome the new year, we also welcome the start of Mentoring Month. Mentoring Month is a month-long celebration campaigned by Mentor Canada, which focuses on mentors and the power of supportive and meaningful relationships specifically impacting our youth. We take this month to focus on educating Canadians in our communities on the value of mentorship for the well-being of youth to help close the mentoring gap and to help gather more individuals who are interested in becoming mentors.

What is “The Mentoring Gap”?

When we talk about “closing the Mentoring Gap” we are talking about working to ensure that every young person who wishes to have a mentor has access to the right mentor(s) who are capable of responding to their unique goals and needs when they need it most. We have many youths registering for our mentoring programs which currently leaves us in high demand for mentors.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying to be a Mentor for one of our Mentoring Programs please click here.

What do we hope to cover with Mentoring Month over the course of January?

Over the course of January, we hope to draw attention to four main topics in the following weeks.

1) Activate Youth Mentoring

We will talk more about the “Mentoring Gap” and why it matters, along with how youth benefit from having a mentor.

2) Activate Mentoring Research

We will discuss the positive impacts mentoring has on youth both presently and in the future.

3) Activate Mentoring Voices

We will share inspiring stories from volunteer mentors in our area and across Canada.

4) Activate Mentoring Digital Tools

We will discuss how digital tools can be used to help make finding and connecting with a mentor easier. We will also delve into an exciting new tool Mentor Canada is presenting on January 17th.

Important Dates This Month

January 6: I am a Mentor Day
January 17: International Day of Mentoring
January 25-27: National Mentoring SummitMENTOR
January 27: Thank Your Mentor Day


For even more about #MentoringMonth, you can visit the Mentoring Canada website by clicking the logo below: