Big Brothers Big Sisters Month 2023



September is Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Month

What Is BBBS Month?

It’s the anniversary of Big Brothers Big Sisters. BBBS was founded on September 18th over 100 years ago!

What Is The Goal of BBBS Month?

Collectively, we want to open the eyes, hearts, and minds of Canadians who may not be familiar with our critical work and history here in Canada. If we can teach the societal and personal benefits of Youth Mentoring then hopefully we can gather more volunteers to match with youth we currently have on our waiting lists as well as help youth whose families may not know about our programs.

Why do some children adapt and overcome, while others bear lifelong scars that flatten their potential?

Children and youth who end up doing well despite the adversities they face are those who have the opportunity to build resilience through strong relationships with adults who provide an opportunity to build skills and have positive experiences.

The National Scientific Council on the Developing Child has confirmed that resilience is not an innate trait but one that can be built over time, combing internal and external factors. Researchers dug deeper and have provided the recipe or the equation that results in building resilience for young people and the adversities they face.

If young people can build resilience, they can succeed.


What Builds Resilience?

Supportive Relationships + Adaptive Skill-Building Opportunities + Positive Experiences = Foundation of Resilience

BBBS programs are primed and positioned to deliver deep, intentional, and supportive relationships. Our Mentors are positioned to support Mentees to build new skills and having positive experiences.

A Mentors Purpose: You + Them = Potential

By volunteering to be a Mentor with BBBS, one person can have a significant and profound impact on the life of a child facing adversities.

BBBS program evaluations repeatedly tell us that our Mentees are happier, healthier, and more committed to learning because of their Mentors. But BBBS also has an impact on our adult, volunteer Mentors. We know our programs support the growth, happiness, and success of our volunteers. BBBS has hundreds of testimonials from volunteer Mentors describing how beneficial mentoring was for them personally and professionally as they acquired new skills, expanded their perspective, tried new things, and felt good about giving back to their community.

Big Brothers Big Sisters has allowed me to explore myself along with all the people I meet through different trainings and experiences. I think it is a really underrated organization, I love sharing my experiences with Big Brothers Big Sisters with my peers and I hope everyone can see the potential in mentoring so Big Brothers Big Sisters can keep impacting those around them.”   KATIE, BIG SISTER VOLUNTEER; 2021


Mentorship =Opportunity, Potential, Thriving, Resilience

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Potential + Mentorship = Resilience